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Friday, 1 July 2016

Was working on the Polling booths for the Christian democratic party July 2 elections

Was working on a polling booth and scutineering

This is in Waratah West Leonora Parade poling booths for the CDP at the July 2 2016 Federal election. I am campaiging to see people get in Politics to stop same sex marriage and other related issues as this is going to destroy Australia. It is a fight but the fight the whole nation takes up to stop this wvil come into our nation and the best place is at the Poling booth during ekections.

I will carry this on for the rest of my life if needed but evil people like thos in the marriage equality organsations must be opposed outright. 

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written by John Christopher Sunol
13.04 Saturday July 2 2016

My comments

On the Poling booth and to scrutineer for the CDP

(To get reade for me to stand again after Feb 2017 when I am discharged bankrupt

Coming home from working on Federal election poling booths in waratah West


I will fight for the right for people to reject same sex marriage and Gay rights

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