Tuesday, 26 July 2016

World war 3 could break out at any time

World war 3 could break out at anytime- put this
With this - and let us see what is realy happening right now

This could come at any moment without warning. I FEEL WORLD WAR THREE WILL BE VER DIFFERENT TO WORLD WARS 1 AND 2. 

This will be in the way it is fought. World war three could start from Militple terrorism attacks, (like that has been in the past couple of weeks in France and Germanu where as world wars 1 and 2 started from one country invading another (the traditional way that all wars in the past have started

This is worrying for the whole world as we have not foight like this before (especially using highntechntechnology which will become part of the mainstay of world war three)

We are also fighting religious ideology and not on pure economic reasoning and a power base  like in world wars 1 and 2. This is another main differen ce in the coming war.

When we look at the past multiple terror attacks both in France and Germany we can see this coming down the line.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 11.32 Wednesday July 27th 2016

My comments

World war 3 will be very different to world  wars 1 & 2

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