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Friday, 12 August 2016

A man on one of my You Tubes asked why homosexuality is bad, THIS IS MY ANSWER !!!

One man asked on one of my videos: 

Why Homosexuality is bad ?

My answer to his question: 

Homosexuality is sin and all sin against God is bad, eternal seperation from Him and his loving grace. All sin is sin, but some sins can be displayed within areas of human psychology and physiology where it will mess up your mind with deception. 

I will go down to this answer, When a husband lies with his wife in a Married situation it is a spiritual relationship which the spirit of God is active between. So marriage in a non sinful aspect is good and holy, that is ONE MAN, TO ONE WOMAN, NOT FROM THE SAME GENETIC CODES.


this does not mean that  a sinful act is not spiritual, the spirit of God can not and will not be part of a sinful act. With that being the case demonic spirits from the devil masquerade as the spirit of life and come in where God is not.

So in a homosexual sexual act, this is sinful and God is not part of this, but it still draws a spiritual effect. Demons take over and enter into this relationship and both partners in a homosexual relationship are deluded and deceived and oppressed by demons. When they believe that they love one another in a sexual affair they are deluded by demons and heavily oppressed. 

If they allow this to continue they become more so oppressed and eventually possessed. 

 When we go to same sex marriage this goes down one rung further and this is turning a sinful act into a legal relationship thus is wickedness before God. Devils tell lies that a homosexual relationship is a loving relationship and the people that are married into such suddenly become from being oppressed to possessed and are living in wickedness before God

Wickedness before God brings judgement on both your own life and the life of all those around you. 

Same sex marriage today is wickedness before God and the United nations are preparing for the last days spoken of in the book of Mathew chapter 24 and the books of revelations (especially chapter 13)

Cultural Marxism is the devils answer to what God has to say about human rights under Jesus Christ and His love and Grace.  This creeps in as wolves in sheep's clothing until it eventually can take over to pervert the teachings which God gave us all through his prophets and Jesus Christ who died for our sins. It is the enemy that comes into the church when the church is to strong for an external attack. Homosexuality is like a cancer that is spreading through society which eventually will kill all, homosexuality is the cancer of the 21st century and same sex marriage is the fulfillment of this cancer. (wickedness before God) 

So all homosexuals in a gay and lesbian relations are deluded by the devil to believe any of a lie that they are living a loving natural alternative relationship, and those that get married into same sex relationships have omitted wickedness before God and Gods holy wrath shall fall on this. 

I hope this answers your questions ???

all Christians who are faithful to God, this is creeping into the churches in the name of equal rights and political correctness, 

I have just shown you where this comes from and I would like this blog posting spread world wide for me when people see this.



Written by John Christopher Sunol
11.22 on Saturday August 13th 2016

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