Monday, 15 August 2016

After years of being put throught the courts, I have not changed my mind, i have only hardened my response,

After years of being thrown through the courts I have been taken to task for things I do not do and never have done. Those that took me through they openly purger themselves and told complete lies to get me in trouble. I believe this was for a political purpose by unethical lobbyist who are looking for same sex marriage and other such evils which I will not discuss at the present moment

They even successfully caused me to loose my old job I use to like, Taxi driving by setting me and tell lies. When the authorities do not listen they make up false evidence and take me to a higher authority (Political members of parliament to carry out their hated of me and what I stand for to force action against me) 

.Even upon appeal the courts listened to the lies that these people told, I ran out of money as this is a very expensive  to go back to court all of the time and these mongrels new that. They are political bastards and unethical lobbyist who are being driven by the devil to do such things

This is only some of the material I have been put through and I do not have the time of space to go into it all but the question now is 

What am I going to do about this myself   ???

My answer is, nothing !!!

as I refuse to apologise to anyone over this skulduggery It is not much use fighting it back as there are many and I am only one (supported by a few other people who have had similar situations), this was done by political bastards who had an alternative reason to get political precedents made by the courts and they used me with others to just do that. 

I openly and unequivocally refuse to apologise and I am not going to apologise, I will never say that I am SORRY as that would be very unproductive and could create a number of other situations which will be adverse to a whole lot more people than just myself/ I DID NOTHING WRONG and I will never accept fault but just keep on writing my blog and making you tubes.. Rather than stop s they want, I am going to go further into writing this blog and making you tubes and no one can do anything to force me to stop. 

Further more I will not be selling my home to pay these people as that would be counter productive. No one can force me to sell my home as I have it in a trust fund (that protects it from thieves like those that took me to court) which those whom manged to win money from me who would race at me for the money if I did. They would also encourage others to take me to court as quite a considerable large amount of money would come my way with the sale of a home which I have very little and next to nothing in mortgage on. Let me tell all that I believe that there is ample people who would take you to court based on lies to get money from a case they could win. I am not stupid and I know that is the case. This is the reason my home is in the name of a shelf company to protect me from this,  (The Trust company with my money owns this home it outright for me with my own money and this needs protecting from thieves like the one who took me to court based on lies from getting access. )

I would rather pay a lawyer the money that could go to them to fight them in the courts and show them that I just will not give in when I know that I am right and being oppressed by mongrels who are real Psychos and should not be taking people to court on false vilification accusations. 

This case is a matter of ethics and I wish to show the world that I just will not give into adversary  or thugs, I just fight back the correct way and know I am on the winning side.

I do not want to go down that track any further as i have a lot to say.

Written as a outline to show the world that if we are being oppressed or taken to court on lies, persecuted in anyway, we must not give in and fight on as in the end we will eventually win

To finish off, Cultural Marxism is the curse of the 21st Century where Feminism (radical feminism) was the curse of the last century 20th Century - all we can do is oppose this and its issues such as same sex marriage and remain faithful to the almighty God though His son Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross and shed His blood for our sins. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
7.49 on Tuesday August 16th2016

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