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Monday, 1 August 2016

America is bombing Libya, Islamic state is in Libya and we must take war to Islamic state where ever it is.

this is war and we must chase Islamic state where ever it is to fight it. I take this in the same light  the German, Italian and Japanese Nazis were from 1939-45 during world war 2. 

We must fight this group until it is taken out, the time for peace talks with Islamic state have long by dissipate into the past as this group has proven itself to be a doomsday cult with the same attributes as criminal gangs who are also savages. It has no ethics and this is a genuine war, 

If we need to go into other countries in North Africa like Libya then let it be so, we must go to the end of the earth to cleanse the world of Islamic state state and take it out. I would also ban the Koran in certain cases and only allow a peaceful Islamic Mullah have hold of it, the Koran is being used similar to the what Hitler used during world war 2, the book Mein Kampf  and the Mein Kampf was banned by the allies. I would lock anyone who is found to support Islamic state, refuse them the Koran and only give them a bible to read as the Koran is what they use to drive their murderous campaigns. Also lock them all up by the Federal Authorities and we need internment camps in Arid places of the world - hundred of miles if not thousands of miles from any civilisation to house anyone indefinitely who is found to support Islamic state (Prisoner of war camps) and we need to hand over to the national security authorities to be put before the courts and sentenced to indefinite internment where they must stay until Islamic state is taken out.  

I tell Islamic state this, if you want war we will give you war and I feel that the United states now changing its areas of action to go after Islamic state from Iraq and Syria now to Lybia which is thousands of miles from Syria and Baghdad (in North Africa and not the middle East) is the right thing to do and taking this war to Islamic state, not waiting for them to come to us which is the right thing to do. 

NB: All Libya use to be the home of the infamous thug Colonel Mom-mar Gaddafi who was killed back in 2011. - Libya was also the battle fields of famous battles during world wars 1 and 2, Tripoli - and now the monster group which is worst than Qaddafi has come in the form of Islamic state, we are at war with Islamic state and we must chance it to the ends of the earth to destroy this group, No giving up. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
7.42 Tuesday August 2nd 2016

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America Bombimg Islamic State in Lybia

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