Tuesday, 9 August 2016

An Indian Guru predicts that world war 3 will fought over a cow

 I do not predict such, there is to many predictions and world war 3 is on the whole worlds mind. This makes the whole world interested in this subject and when it is like that you are sure to get some weird predictions with people hoping for notoriety or some sort of financial gain

OVER 75% of Indians are from the Hindu set of beliefs and a cow is a sacred animal in some quarters of Hinduism. This prediction from this Hindu sects beliefs on a cow being a sacred animal is talking the role of the sacred object in peoples mind.

 This shows that in one sense, world war 3 will come from both reasons of religious  beliefs in the sacred fighting and so fighting for positions of religious power base.

This beleif of world war 3 being fought over a cow is more symbolic than actually realistic along the lines of the symbolism that comes of a cow in some Hindu traditions.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 15.29 on Wednesday August 10th 2016

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