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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Attrocities in Syria

this war needs to be stopped immediately and to do this we will need to bring the whole world together to go into Syria and take over, I believe that an international government is needed and groups like Islamic state hounded down by the military until they are no more. When I saw horrors like was on ABC television this morning with a little 5 year old child half blown to pieces and sitting with blood all over him, no parents and nothing, This is a real crises

Issues such as same sex marriage need to be dropped off the agenda, and we need to look at Syria and other issues of this nature and how we can help a one great nation brought to near on nothing by war over the past 5 years since 2011. 

This makes me angry that the Federal Government in Australia even find the time to listen to the same sex marriage supporters under cultural Marxism and its foundations when in reality they are wasting their time. National security is far more important an issue. 

The United states has new weapons and Aircraft carriers like this. this needs to be concentrated on and a ship like this one I took the you tube off the the net needs to have time and resources put to it so it can be sent to Syria and other conflicts that arise like Syria to help bring peace and capture or take out Islamic state, we are war and we must put this first. The most important thing is national security, NOT GAY RIGHTS. 

Others issues like Same sex marriage debate needs to be scrapped and put aside for this. If we do not the world is going into a mess and those from the gay rights lobby need to be ignored and when they get to vocal they need to be arrested and locked up, or shut up by the police and authorities. 

This was sent to me through my messages and I do not agree, this children should not be opened to same sex marriage and this is NOT as important for the Federal government to discuss as other issues like Atrocities in Syria 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
12.03 Friday August 19th 2016

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