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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Call to enforce the Tribunals ruling in Tasmania

This man in Tasmania is another case that is under the same ruling I was under with Henry Collier and Garry Burns. I see this man as a rightful and just man in refusing to apologize for a rule of such and I will be not apologizing either. 

no court of law can force an apology and the churches need to get behind this man. 

By the way this article is on the blog of the man who took me to court so many times, (Garry Burns and the Rodney Croome in Tasmania also need to be opposed by all as he is another trouble maker wanting to put punishment on people who speak out against evil things.)

I see Rodney Croome as an evil man as well as the man who took me to court. 

I am not sorry for what I done and it is the same with those in Tasmania who did the same. 

Times are getting hard and the church is going to persecuted by those with evil in their spirits as these people are.

I wish to say no more at the present moment. 


John Christopher Sunol

Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 13.00 on Monday August 15th 2016

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