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Monday, 29 August 2016

Will the banks benefit from a cashless economy ? - read this blog entry to find out ???

This is coming. 

The central banks are in total favor of this because of the Huge profits that will be made of every purchase. With a cash driven economy the banks miss out on electronic payment fees of around 1-2% on all purchases

A cashless society will see the coming of a one world order  It will be massive changes to the whole of society. There are both for and against this but personally I see the reasons for having a  cashless society being outweighed by the reasons why we do not need to go cashless, it is dangerous and takes away our liberty and individuality to make us socially responsible to the state. This is an ideal situation to bring Cultural Marxism in and put a control on everyone. 

Without cash electronic money by funds transfer come in and this not good as it takes away our individuality and everything we bur or sell goes onto a data base. This takes away our unanimity and we become part of the state, we can easily be state controlled. Thus we loose our individuality and become just a number in the system. 

This is also prophesied in the bible Revelations 13:16-17. THIS COULD BE USED IN TAKING A AWAY OUR FREEDOMS. That is because we become part of the system and this is how cultural Marxism will work to make every person reliant on the state.

I would just like to finish off with this statement, when we go cashless the central banks will reap in billions of dollars in charges for the use of debit cards on every purchase, where as with notes and cash the way it is now this extra money is not available. 

Just think of it a 1-2% charge on every purchase made millions of time every day from the sale of product will end up becoming billions of dollars per year for the central banks where with the traditional method of payment using cash they do NOT get this money.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
20.20 Monday August 29th 2016

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