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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Central Italy is having very large aftershocks and a very large earth,

This is happening on a ever increasing case  We are regularly haveng floods earthquakes volcanoes going off and the earth is groaning regularly. It was not long ago that the Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Not long before that Japan and Monsoons and Floods. The list goes on, but it is all leading up to one thing Momentus change unlike any other other seen in the history of man. 

I beleive that this is a cobination of both natural and made designed (or man made to a far lesser extent). I do NOT beleive in the Global warming theory and I beleive similar to an English very controversial scientist (Lord Christopher Monkton / More on the beleifs of Lord Monkton on Climate Change which I also follow on this blog as I beleive like Lord Monkton and other's in this line of thought. 

I beleive that this quake in Italy is part of world wide changes which are going to effect the whole patterns of life we presently live in have been for thousands of years.

To fish this off:

This is one more of the current disasters going on today which makes  today as a history making era. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.12 Friday August 26th 2016

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