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Friday, 5 August 2016

Climate Change 'bullshit' that is all it is !!!

On late line (Senator Roberts - from Pauline Hanson's one nation spoke on Climate change and Global warming and he put statistics and figure to show that Global warming is all a Hoax and part of an Agenda to bring around control of the average person. It is not happening in reality and a hoax as promoted by the 1992 Rio Sustainability conference. 

Media like ABC late line are pushing this issue of Global warming and putting out statistics and other empirical evidence which is not all true. I do not believe this and neither will. I just saw a late line show of August 2016 on Global warming where a man who works in the Coal industry as a scientist showed how this is not true. 

Global warming is part of Agenda 21 and now 2030 and it a deliberate scam job put out by those at the head of the Illuminati to set up a one world government, This false argument is a total lie deliberately made up to justify in bringing in agenda 2030 on Climate Change. (nominally called the earth summit on global warming at the 1992 Rio environmental sustainability conference)

This is a scam job as it is not true (and set up by the elite in the Illuminati and the Club of Rome to give reason and justify setting up a one world government under the control of these groups)  

these issues is what I have dedicated this blog to, using media sources and news articles to analyse these issues. 

NB: this post was taken partly from the ABC late line of a newly elected one Nation Senator outspoken  on his opposition to Climate Change: I agree with Senator Malcombe Roberts 100% as this man has the courage to speak against a issue which is a con job by the Globalists in the United Nations. This may not be the most popular explanation of  Global Climate Change, but it is the truth and speaks what Global Climate Change is in reality. 

I have similar views on Climate change as that of Senator Malcombe Roberts but go one step further: I state that Climate Change is part of an Agenda by the left wing Cultural Marxist Feminist to bring social change on the world (Global Government) and these groups are deliberately telling lies to do this. I want to oppose these groups all out. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
6.52 on Saturday August 6th 2016

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