Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dairy Farmers finding it difficult due to competition in the Milk sales by supermarkets

Hard times are not coming, they are hear with the pricing Markets of the big stores this is driving the dairy industry under, My own Mothers parents and her relatives were all dairy farmers on the mid north coast of NSW and as a child I was with my grandfather a lot as a child up to 
the age of 14., This I see as the loss of one major important Australian industry that has been around since the inception of Australia as a British Penal Colony. This industry went for hundreds of years and now it is in dire straights, 

These dire straights have come about due to the economic situation and free market competition on Globalisation, It is the farmers and produce people that loose out in such a dire competitive area as the supermarkets and global competition is out doing them and undercutting them. 

This is part of Agenda 2030 to bring a take over of the world and bring us under a one world government and to do this they need to take away all the means of surviving of the private operator and bring us into a collective system of economics under Cultural Marxism. 

This is due to the political change the world is going through to bring everything into a one world communist style government.

This is the way that the world is heading and we are going down this trick at a fair pace, 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.09 on Wednesday August  17th 2016

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Dairy Farmers finding diffulcies due to Globalization

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