Thursday, 4 August 2016

Federal election 2016 Voting guides

Fedeeal election 2016 Voters guides

The federal Senate is now known from the July 2 2016 wlection, and Pauline Hanson got a number in. This is good as it is the Greens and left wing femenist I would like to see thrown out. This senate has more cross benchers that the former senate and the double dissolution did not ckear out the cross bench in the senate but only made it worst.

Now we have to fight the Greens and same sex marriage supporters to keep this curse out od Australia as same sex marriage is wickedness before God and will bring a curse upon the nation. 

Othe r than that the next four to eight years are going to be very interesting times and this blog will speak on these issues as they arrise in the mainline media.

Please also note I feel as though it is a great thing to see Pauline Hanson get the last Senate seat as I realy want to see the Greens thrown out with left wing Femenism and All who are in left wing Femenist and Cultiral Marxist groups which are a blight upon the earth. 

We must vite every last member of the Homosexual lobby out of powerful places  as this group is a bloght upun Australia and the curse of the land as they push doe same sex rights and other auch nasties /  adnormal to all Hdecent living Australians. 

I openlu support Pauline Hansons one nation combined with Fred Niles Christian Democratic Party and will work against the Greens and left wing Cultural Marxist Groups which back equal rights (in areas of stupidity like sexuality) and radical left feminist theoretical policies.(RADICAL LEFT WING FEMENISM) combined with CULTURAL MARXISM

This federal senate will be worst that the one that has  just been. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
18.29 Thursday August 4th 2016

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