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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Federal MP George Christensen's political staffer formally said Garry Burns has small penis syndrome

In this blog post there is a video George Christensen MP talking about Twenty 10 a 12 year old and up run away gay young boy temporary respite accommodation project partnered with NSW GLLO Special Gay Sex Police program. The partnership with used by gay police is so together they can remove legal status of guardian from "homophobic parents", so the child can be taken up by gay men to live among them in their Twenty10 "young gay boy party dorms" in Chippendale near Oxford street, a great fit and proper place for young boys to grow up, better than with their biological parents says the homocops... Just as it said on the twenty10.org.au website.

Also as suggested in the title in this post there is a verbatim copy of George Christensen MP's office's correspondence to Burns in reply to mainstream newspaper confirmed HATE MAIL. Notice the APH.GOV.AU's Microsoft Exchange Email Server Message ID's in the email. What's on this blog can easily be verified as authentic from our Federal MP's saying Garry Burns officially has a small penis [syndrome]. 
I know I've seen it unfortunately I was spammed a picture of it by the pervert Garry. Garry sent me his penis picture then claims a great hacking conspiracy in court. That wont save him from his forthcoming perjury charges. Why doesn't the NSW Police take Garry up on his offer to forensically investigate his computer, and do a child porn block by block sweep with a super-timeline or other forensic tools whilst they are at it. You can see it too if you follow the links below. Ooops his expensive Mac computer in use 5 months ago will probably be on the trash heap by now for good measure. Wonder why?

Also please do watch the video to See what a Federal Politician talks about NSW GLLO Gay Police's partner Twenty10 - and hear him call it a sadomasochistic child abuse cult.

(update: they edited their website to say not 12 and up but any child under the age of 26, but the old site has been backed up - image will be appended to this post later - right here!)
(update #2: the image you seek about the 12 year old up up gay rent boy dorm project in close league with the NSW GLLO Gay Police and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board - see their website - was covered at the very start of a VIDEO UPLOADED TO DAILYMOTION BEFORE GEORGE CHRISTENSEN MP ATTACKED TWENTY10 FOR BEING A GAY PEDO CULT! here it is!!!!)

Original dated upload location: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k5jqXRjbDIqSOaccjzD
The video show's Garry Burn's involvement in a Gay Rent Boy Prostitution Empire and his close association with Peter Tatchell who led the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gars who says not all anal sex with children is harmful and child sex can be good! See the pictures of his letters to the Guardian Newspaper published on Bernard Gaynor's blog - right before the boylover started suing Bernard Gaynor too.
He can't deny it! as he wrote the letter to the Guardian, it's mainstream news the man who led the Sydney Mardi Gras loves child anal sex.

http://matthewhopkinsnews.com/?p=436 A target of Garry's gay pedophile stalking ring who threatened to go to my mother's house and kill everyone inside aka "KiwiFarms" just wrote a post about how Peter Tatchell says child anal sex brings joy to 9 year olds.

And if you don't know why Garry Burns is a confirmed boylover.org activist then see this:
https://www.battlecam.com/video/99427 as censored from LiveLeaks, DailyMotion, Vimeo by the boylover himself. The video he doesn't want you to see.

If you think that is bad, have you seen the taxpayer funded chemical castration of young boys and transsexual conversions for minors under 16 in NSW Australia? (read YouTube description for sources) all done by one of Garry Burns legal outfits, Inner city legal center that Justice Kirby is the patron saint of. That is funny because he was accused of using a government car to pick up rent boy child prostitutes in Chippendale of all places by Senator Heffernan. For those who don't know Justice Kirby went on ABC Q&A in 2014, and said all boys under 12 in NSW Primary Schools need to be taught sex gay sex ed on the finer details of how to have safe anal sex with an old man. (see comment section for ABC link). That's what makes a "queer hero". Peter Tatchell Garry Burns forensically proven associate (did you watch the video?) joined the bandwagon last week saying children need to be taught how to do sodomy sex in primary school.

Luke McKee was prosecuted for obtaining personal information on a law enforcement officer (60C NSW Crimes Crimes Act), for obtaining the "gay child liaison list" naming all NSW GLLO gay police who work with twenty10 from their myspace page in 2007, an offence that gets 5 years jail for investigating NSW Police links to pedophilia. The person who founded the NSW GLLO Police program is a confirmed OTO satanist Gregory Tillet, 

If you haven't read this article that got John Sunol arrested by the gay pedo police then please do:

Garry didn't like his favorite Charity that he previously unsuccessfully extorted former Victorian Premier Jeff Kenett to give 20 grand to through NSW Anti-Discrimination Board proceedings without merit, so he wrote a threatening email about it to a member of parliament - included below.

Sydney Morning HERALD - SEPTEMBER 8 2009
Gay activist drops discrimination case

"The club felt that once this had been pointed out and you had this gentleman there who was obviously close to young men - massaging young men - it ran an unnecessary risk, and that's why it decided it was best that he not perform those duties again. So the club was trying to do the right thing," Mr Kennett said at the time.
Neither would speak to the media after the three-hour hearing, but Mr Burns said in his statement today that they did not reach an agreement.Both men and their legal teams appeared before the tribunal in Sydney yesterday.
"He would only make an apology to me but not to other homosexual men," Mr Burns said.
"He would not give any money to the Twenty 10 gay, lesbian, youth charity group as part of any settlement."
In June 2008, Mr Burns succeeded in a lawsuit against Sydney radio station 2UE over comments made by then 2UE announcer John Laws about homosexual men.

On the SameSame  link Garry confesses in the comment he came onto some "teenage boys" as he puts it in his own words, and they nearly did something that would require the Gay Panic Defense as a response to his child grooming. I personally believe that's a made up story just like the top NSW Police Prosecutor Patrick Saidi who talked about Garry Burns being a deranged lunatic back in 2006, tendering statements from 50 police he runs around pretending to be a member of Parliament when he attempted to peddle the story to Glebe Coroners Court all whilst using a FAKE NAME "Gary Burns" in criminal proceedings. It's the hallmark of pedophiles to operate in the real life under a fake name so when they are arrested, nobody will able to "1+1" the association with the mainstream news and there interactions in real life.  

The second to last person to give evidence during the inquest was former Bligh candidate Gary Burns. Approximately 90 police statements relating to Burns’s dealings with NSW police were presented by Patrick Saidi, representing the police service.

Saidi tried to have all of Burns’s evidence dismissed, suggesting he was a vexatious complainant, who regularly made unreasonable claims about police officers.

The statements tendered by Saidi, including claims Burns had presented himself as a member of parliament and a friend of the police commissioner to young police officers, had little to do with the subject of the inquest, Milledge ruled.

Burns told the court he regularly attended beats to warn people about their dangers. Burns had also recently informed a Bankstown newspaper about a gay beat in the area.
The inquest was adjourned.

Sorry to bring this blog for a spot down to Garry's disgusting level but I thought I would share this! This is who Newcastle Police Nathan Costello Detective Senior Constable does the bidding for, a Hetti Johnston Queenslander of the Year (Bravehearts Inc anti-child abuse charity) confirmed PEDOPHILE SUSPECT (YES YOU: BOYLOVER GARRY BURNS) after reviewing the Sparkles the Pony incident involving Garry Richard Burns and his webmaster Jeremy Smith on a Facebook group joking about sexually abusing a young Queensland boy.

The number of NSW Police that hate the boylover's guts is a very very big number. Only Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn's could have put any rational police officer up to this or it's just Newcastle GLLO Gay Police Liaison Officers doing the filthy crap they usually get up to on a daily basis. Garry sends threatening emails dropping head of NSW Police BIAS crime's unit Jeffrey Steering as the man who already filed an arrest warrant against my father. He denied the boylover's gay police threats as being authentic and 6 months later Geoff McKee is not yet arrested by the gay pedophile protector police. The pedophile target's peoples family members. How low is that? Not low by the perverts standards. 

Delivered-To: hojuruku@gmail.com
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 a=stclG59ZRSiC8IettE4A:9 a=_W_S_7VecoQA:10 a=WPWxqQ1EbnHHqHJbuFMPFA==:117
From: Garry Burns <antidiscrimination@bigpond.com>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="Apple-Mail=_DD2BCE66-44D6-4A65-81BF-DC789727BBEA"
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Mime-Version: 1.0 (Mac OS X Mail 7.3 \(1878.6\))
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 10:33:07 +1100
Subject: Knock knock who's there ? It's the Police 
Cc: Geoffrey Steer <stee1geo@police.nsw.gov.au>
To: Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1878.6)

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/plain;

Dear Mr.Mc Kee,

NSW Police may be knocking on your daddy=92s door very soon.

Duplicity doesn=92t work and your daddy might learn this lesson if or =
when he is charged.

Warm regards,

Garry Burns.=

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 door very soon.</div><div><br></div><div>Duplicity doesn=92t work and =
your daddy might learn this lesson if or when he is =
charged.</div><div><br></div><div>Warm =
regards,</div><div><br></div><div>Garry Burns.</div></body></html>=


(update #3: Stop Press - Garry Burns' sockpuppets on Facebook are making more NSW GLLO GAY ANAL SEX Police threats only today to my 70 year old father. Garry Burns has contract child prostitute sex with those 3 times younger than him is also suing Grandmother Tess Corbett, because you are not allowed to be against people who declare themselves to be homosexual like Garry that like them young working in preschools, even though it's lawful to discriminate against Gays working in schools in Victoria (Section 24 Victorian Equal Opportunity Act) - further coverage by Bernard Gaynor

Garry seems to have a "dirty foreskin" obsession and is a sick pervert. The filthy 
pervert has used the phrase to 10 people I know of, including Tom Cahill and my father.

And even the newspapers say the best mate of Catherine Judith Burns and the Newcastle GLLO Gay pedophile loving police sends HATE MAIL:


For those who actually want to see Garry Burns penis, obtained in a leaked email of what he likes to send child prostitutes on the craiglist gay rent boy section, please see below for the link.

Here's the verbatim correspondence from a Federal MP's office to the boylover and best mate of NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Judith Burns:

Mr Burns,

Thank you for your kind letter.
Your concern has been noted and your issues have been raised with George.
I note these are similar concerns related to your same issue from previous telephone conversations.

While there are many support groups and practitioners who may be able to help you, the following links might provide a valuable starting point for your journey.

Warm regards,


From: Garry Burns [mailto:antidiscrimination@bigpond.com]
Sent: Sunday, 28 February 2016 7:44 AM
To: Christensen, George (MP)
Cc: Shorten, Bill (MP); Plibersek, Tanya (MP); Parry, Stephen (Senator); Payne, Marise (Senator); Pyne, Chris (MP); Bishop, Julie (MP); Owens, Julie (MP); Rowland, Michelle (MP); Danby, Michael (MP); Coulton, Mark (MP); mark.dreyfuss.mp@aph.gov.au
Subject: Government MP George Christensen Likens LGBT 'Safe Schools' Program To 'Paedophile Grooming'


George you are very ugly and fat little man.

You would not win any Gregory Peck look alike contents looking so unattractive.

I bet you have a very small penis.

I bet it’s an uncut little thing that a hungry dog would reject.

Why don’t you take your diatribe and shove it up under your dirty foresekin you Un - Australian Grub.

Warm regards,

Garry Burns.


End Verbatim Quote
To see the image of Garry Burns penis he sends to children he grooms and leaked emails (including message headers) of his contract negotiations with craigslist rent boy underage teen prostitutes then please see this comment Remember it was the sick pervert Garry Richard Burns that brought up penises first. 

Clearly Garry Burns is mentally deranged. So why are the NSW Police taking their marching orders from this confirmed crazy loon who fakes his own victim hood to get the mental disability pension?
If the NSW Police want to do something useful investigate all the 10k deposits from his anti-discrimination board extortion requests Sunol's lawyer obtained in Bankruptcy proceedings (criminal extortion) or use the Forensic Data Luke McKee sent the NSW Police to identify the child prostitutes he's having sex with whilst sponsoring a gay sri-lankan man to come into the country. Immigration law requires if you sponsor a "gay partner" into the country with a visa you must have an EXCLUSIVE (rent-boy interlude free) relationship. If you are against a gay criminal breaking the law, the Newcastle GLLO Gay Criminal protection squad will come knocking. Hopefully Victorian police will get cracking on the extradition and make a mockery of NSW Police's protected pedophile.
Garry has a proven history of making false police complaints a mile long. Here's my favorite, he gets his mate in QLD Jez to left hand-write him a death threat to pin on someone who commented on his blog he extorted $10k from IN WRITING (like Geoff McKee, Tess Corbett, Bernard Gaynor, Sunol, Christine Sindt who filed a formal police complaint for criminal extortion etc etc etc)
Watch Garry Burns name drop police officers names saying they are definitely preparing an arrest warrant when they did no such thing. Garry Burns has refused to make a public apology to go along with his private apology for false statements and public special gay sex police threats to terrorize members of the public against Gay Marriage. I understand he is facing defimation proceedings for this in due course.

Newcastle GLLO Gay Pedo Police do your worst. But before you do, did you realize your boylover mate is already facing perjury charges due for hearing at NCAT in October. The gay rent boy child sex party of his needs to be declared OVER on your part too. No wonder the Greens David Shoebridge MP November 10th 2015 goes into court with him. The Greens love pedophilia normalization, and gay police too. I Wonder why? I can't wait to see you guys squirming on the Parlimentary Inquiry live webcast into the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and the boylover - coming soon!
And remember, I fought Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burns and the NSW GLLO Gay sex Police first in 2007, then Catherine Sent in her pedophile asset boylover Garry Burns to fabricate the first arrest warrant (bogus) for me in exile where his faggot mates pretended to be me on the phone. His statement to police is proven perjury by forensic data. He was off by his first contact when he started stalking me by 4 months, 4 months after the fact. I still don't know who Garry Burns sister is of if he even has one. Please fill me in! Why would I threaten to kill what I don't even know exists? It all makes no sense. After my dad did this video criticizing the NSW GAY CHILD FUCK POLICE and called them evil, Catherine Dispatched Garry to sue my father in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. Garry Burns name dropped Catherine Burn's on his first unsolicited stalking using information obtained from Clover Moore's office email to find a hidden private Facebook account and threaten me name-dropping Deputy Commissioner Catherine Judith Burns. Those who have followed the saga have seen the screenshots already. Leave a comment if you want a re-post.

Below is the message header to prove the email was really forwarded from Garry's computer to Luke McKee:
Delivered-To: hojuruku@gmail.com
Received: by with SMTP id k82csp1454297ivc;
        Tue, 26 Apr 2016 03:27:32 -0700 (PDT)
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X-TMN: [XqYCwe5fnRdGUlsULHAAybJAd9JhpcMp90cURE3TQes=]
X-Originating-Email: [antidiscrimination@bigpond.com]
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Return-Path: antidiscrimination@bigpond.com
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
Subject: Government MP George Christensen Likens LGBT 'Safe Schools' Program To 'Paedophile Grooming'
From: Garry Burns <antidiscrimination@bigpond.com>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1878.6)
In-Reply-To: <7B7BC07F3376DC4DB3480095C1E9F1CF57F4A787@EXCHANGE04.parl.net>
Resent-From: Garry Burns <antidiscrimination@bigpond.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 23:34:26 +0000
Resent-Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 20:26:12 +1000
Resent-To: Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com>
References: <C1E6E625-0F18-47A2-99DF-6C0A8FEE6E74@bigpond.com> <956F06EFF05A4C4DA91DAF1376D1E3958D725C1E@EXCHANGE02.parl.net> <7B7BC07F3376DC4DB3480095C1E9F1CF57F4A787@EXCHANGE04.parl.net>
To: "'antidiscrimination@bigpond.com'" <antidiscrimination@bigpond.com>
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