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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Federal Opposition to railroad a Bill to legalise same sex Marriage

This is dirty. LABOR JUST have committed skulduggery and wickedness. They are forcing same sex marriage upon us all before people have a chance to say no. The whole nation must rise up and speak out against this for what it is,

I heard on the ABC news that both the Greens were also going introduce same sex marriage bills in this coming session of parliament. These prop same sex marriage groups (Federal labor, Greene and pro gay Independents) are going to railroad this legislation through parliament when in reality it is only wanted by less that 5% of the community. These groups are ignoring  the 95% who do not want same sex marriage. 

Let us all be aware of this and spread it before same sex marriage is upon us all. 

A homosexual totalitarian state coming to persecute the church. I will raise this on my blog and invite all to comment on it where ever they are. This is skulduggery and dirt. It is pushing wickedness through parliament  I should have expected this but the fight is on now and we must all exercise our rights to speak against same sex marriage. 

This is coming the same very day that the new parliament is introduced. We must all rise up and speak against same sex marriage.

My blog is made to bring this sort of politics to all so we know what we must oppose. 

NB: all please note, some members from the Greens and same sex marriage advocates want to railroad same sex marriage legislation through parliament. 

We need a plebiscite if not at all so everyone can have their say. 

I will push this line

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
18.06 Teusday August 30th 2016

My comments 

Federal Opposition to railroad same sex Marriage on 
August 30 2016

No to same sex marriage 

Miss earth Same sex marriage advocate

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