Friday, 19 August 2016

Gay Dads : Sparkes the Pony and the Child paedophiles - a link that looks towards reality

This is one place Pedophiles roam free (inside Homosexual "gay" marriage) We would like the whole world to see this story which was on mainline Media Australia wide back in 2013 "The 7.30 report" 


This alonside Sparkles the Pony, a sick joke and Proof that Gay Dads and Pedophiles are one in oneis proof that we are putting children in danger of sexual abuse if we go along with same sex marriage (and especially gay dads which are a real main problem in this area) read the material on Gay dads from a Luke McKee and put this Sparkles the Pony Case study and article.(Please note that the actual link to Sparkles has been broken by hackers who do not want this to get out, but a number of other links are working and this proves that some members of the Gay and lesbian Rights lobby and affiliates are involved in suspect activities linked to child sex

I back and support Luke McKee over this 100% and want to see this go world wide.

These are some of the reasons I find myself in front of the Anti discriminarion Tribunals in Sydney as those in with THIS want me to shut up or be shut up. They set me up with lies  that I villify and want and apology and substantiated cases in doing this, 

All of these cases against me surround the issues I spoke on which  relay back to Child Pedophelia as one of the main problems in the GLBT communities.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
17.47 Friday August 19th 2016

My comments

Sparkles the Pony for those who molest little children

Child molestors can be anyone but the homosexual community has more prominence to getting child molestors in their midst - and God gives them over to a reprobate mind

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