Tuesday, 2 August 2016

I am still being accused of wanting to Kill all homosexuals

Garry Burns took one of Fred Phelps videos off line 
(Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansans) and attributed this to me,
 I do not agree with Fred Phelps anyway as he was a independent Baptist when 
he was alive and I am Pentecostal, He would not like the religion I come out of and 
believe that even though Fred Phelps knew the bible he was very wrong, he put 
things the wrong way around and quoted the bible out of hate and the wrong context.

What Garry has done in this is attributed what was the law 
1,500 years before Christ in the Mosaic times of law which is a
 different period of time and culture, also with the Old Testament and we live 
under the new Testament. Gary does not take all of this into account and
 just using this as an attack Dog throwing it out of context. 

Anyway I never said this and he put to me what the Rev Fred Phelps was
 putting out from Westbro Baptist church onto myself.  

NB : My comments  this is one of the reasons I have decided to fight back those that are taking me to court. I need say no more.

I am being attacked as I am willing to encourage people to speak out against evil like this


Written by John Christopher Sunol

at 22.56 on Tuesday August 2nd 2016

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