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All Anti Same Sex Marriage business will be boycotted by the Gay Lobby and equal opportunities advocates. Cultural Marxists supporters

I beleive that this is a start of hard times coming for Anti same sex marriage people like me. There Is already talk of boycotts to thos who will not accept marriage equality. This has been in the planning stages for at least the last 4-5 years and they will bring this to place in the time that the cultural marxist homosexual lobby groups see as politically the best time available 

If same sex marriage was to be passed in Australia then would be the perfect time for these boycotts to be placed on all Anti Gay Activist like myself and others.

This is why Australians as a nation need to rise up and speak out against these issues which can be done through groups like ACNA (Fred Nile group Australian Christian Nation), Australisn Christian Lobby in the ACT is another and other such anti same sex marriage groups. This must be done as Now is the time to fight this evil and put your say in before It is to late and we find ourselves in a bad situation. 

I beleive a simple boycott could start of all Anti Same Sex marriage business but quickly to added to make a full boycott once same sex marriage legislation is passed in Australia. (Same sex Marriage Nothing to do with Love, it is very Political we must fight to keep this evil out of the Nation of Australia, before it is to late 

This present day movement is NOT a new movement, it is an older movement on equal rights but just taken on new colors from the past of, 

Same sex marriage is political and a carry on from the Femenist womans equal rights of the 1960's and 70's which dates back to the rise of communism in 1917. The sexual revolution of today is a new form of marxism arrising - which in itself is 

Cultural Marxism - not love as the properganda tells all in the media (Same Sex Marriage)

Read this: if same sex marriage is legislated this will happen to all who oppose same sex marriage:
This will happen to all of those who oppose same sex marriage after this is legislated. That is one of the main reasons I call on all decent Australians to rise up and speak against this to make sure that same sex marriage is never lefislated on

Note: same sex marriage is nothing to do with love. Instead it is Politics and part of Agenda to change the globe by 2030 and it must be opposed by all, formthe future of humanity.

and if we get same sex marriage in Australia we will have the same. Follow my cases Burns vs Sunol or back to the first cases which started  in 2004/5 to the first cases of 
Collier vs Sunol and you will see what will come once same sex marriage is legislated in Australia. I never villified and never will accept that, I was taken to the tribunals on heaped up lies so that case law could be set and the Cultural Marxist equal right movment could lay the groundwork for whar is happening today in the anti discriminatiion/vilification areas.

We must fight the Greens over this  and all other pro gay  activist in the media and Politics and if we get same sex marriage IT MUST be AFTER a nation wide plebisite so that all can have their say.

We must not let the Greens railroad this through Parliament as same sex marriage marriage is nothing to do with love, it is politics. Dirty politics at that as well.

If you think you will still have the rights to reject same sex marriage on a religous ground after it is legalized, then just have a look at what is happening elsewhere in the where it has been made legal. 

Once it is passed the homosexual lobby (or Gay rights) will go after those that are Anti Homosexual and Boycott those companies that do not accept marriage equality and Gay Rights - More evidence on coming boycotts to those who refuse to accept same sex marriage.

I need say no more but all anti same sex marriage people in Australia must gather together and speak out to reject same sex marriage or we must have a plebicite so we can find out the truth to whi wants and who does not.

I can  not say any harder but this SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS NOT LOVE that is a lie put out by those who want to push this agenda IT IS POLITICS AND DIRTY POLITICS AT THAT AS WELL. THE GREEN PARTY IS IN THE FOREFRONT OF THIS PROPERGANDA. 


To finish this post off, I intend to travel everywhere vy public transport or drive where I can not get by public transport telling all the truth on Same sex marriage debate and it is critical for us to retain the freedom to speak against this and similar isseus that we are nor railroaded into accpting same sex marriage as inetribal or will regrett this once it is legislated. 

Let us have the plebicite and all gove our opnion if we have to have this. Ifnpeople knew the truth about same sex marriage they all would run from this in horror. 

Yours John Christopher Sunol 
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Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.23 Saturday August 29th 2016

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