Saturday, 13 August 2016

I dedicate myself to work against two different areas, 1. Same sex marriage (cultural Marxist) 2. Islamic state and the control that Fundamentalist groups have over society

  1. JohnChristopher Sunol
I will use all the three above accounts, Plus my You Tube accounts (which has 1,384 You Tubes with over 20,934 views and 33 subscribers) to show the world that I intend to expose and bring up in debate against two areas, I believe both Cultural Marxism and Islamic fundamentalism are evil but they are both different and it is these two evils we need to tackle today. I intend to be one of those who will intend to correct these situations.

(As at the 16th August 2016 You Tube  
  • 20,924
  • 33
I also give permission for anyone in the world to use this as they see fit as I can and will make more up if needed and also take down any hate mail I get with unacceptable attacks. 

Just type John Christopher Sunol into google or any other search engine and you will find me. 

If you are interested in these two topics, Please note I have over 1,375 you tube videos online which has over 20,708 views and around 32 subscribers at the present moment. 

With these statistics which I took of my blog I will attempt to raise arguments to work against both Cultural Marxist - political correct nonsense combined with the need to fight Islamic state to the very end and all other fundamentalist areas of a similar nature. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.27 on Sunday August 14th 2016

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