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Saturday, 27 August 2016

I had a false complaint put to the Newcastle Police (detectives)

A man by the name of Gary working for This group decided to tell more lies and put in another false complaint again,  as which he regularly  does and I had a visit by Uniformed Police, A bull wagon and two detectives. I was not at home so when I found out I went to the Police station myself to give a statement to clear this up. This kind of actiivity has happened before and this man is a blatent liar, trouble maker and a Psycho who calls himself a antidiscimination campaigner but in reality all he is, is a man with mental problems living on high street who has his obesessions being played out in making more case law going by the antidiscrimination board and the civil tribunals on his anti discrimination and vilification law. He is another case of a 
Sir Walter Mitty making up case law. He is realy living in His delusions and playing his role as they great hero that makes up most of the case law for the LGBT and affiliated groups in the 
Anti Discriminatiion and vilification administration law.

 This gives him a Psychological high to think he is of some use to the GLBT groups (but in reality he is living in Illusions of Grandure and what makes it worst These people  along with official government Policies in their working procedures use this man (Gary) to make case law.It is This group along with the 
Anti Discriminatiion board that is going along with this. 

He does this work for This group and other affiliated groups for the purpose of making case law in the areas of discrimination and vilification law.

This man litterly hates me tremendously and is vindictive towards me with total animosity to the stage where his own goal of his life is to see me put behind bars, see Burns vs sunol in these case laws 

I had this same sort of situation happen before as in 2011 this man told lies to two detectives from Paddington in Sydney who came racing up to Newcastle and took me to the Wararah Police station to question me. In this previouus case I was blamed for preparing the assasination of the NSW Attorney  General and other prominent pro Gay political leaders. During this time in 2011/12 Gary also put false reports in at the Police in Sydney. I ended up having to go down to Dowling street local court and Waverly local court over these falso accusations.  During these events in 2011/12 Gary was telling vexatious lies to get me in trouke but did not suceed as I fought back. Om nthe 5th August 2011 he was told by Waverly court that he was a vexasious liar and ordered to pay my then soliciitor "Mr Craig Olsen" the sum of $4,800 for court costs which he never paid and just took me back to court based on vexatious lies in other cases over the years.  

Well then this happened all over again on Thursday  (three days ago) and I have had to go through this again. 

I do not fully blame Gary as he the FALL Guy acting as a gofer for 

This is the crap you have to put up with when you tell the truth on Same sex Marriage and push this issue. 

I have to fight the good fight to make it so that people still have the right to publicaly oppose same sex marriage and other issues brought on by the Cultural Marxist Lobby Groups.
(Greens and these groups)

NB: This is one political strategy of those in the areas of Political correctness to stop people from speaking against their areas of Politiical policy, for example: Same sex marriage;  (they set you up) using lies to get orders on you by the courts not to say anything, try to fine you and get you bankrupt by the unethical use of the law,  and ultimately get you behind bars in prison if all else fails so you can not speak out and loose credibility with the common run of the average Australian "in my case" or which ever groups you live in.  

Also besides These groups I blame The Greens because of their policies on same sex marriage (marriage equality)  and because this group is very Political and vocal about these issues. 

This gives a man with Physciatric obessions like he has over  issues to do with Gay Rights reasons for living in his delusions. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
Sunday August 28th at 15.31

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