Thursday, 18 August 2016

I have a duty to keep all of these you tubes and blogs online as I have a message tot ell the world, One very important one

A special message to all of those whom are writing to me on you tube telling me that I get no where, no body is listening and I am useless online.

Well then I do not answer but say this, see the statistics I am getting which I am posting. All of these statistics come from google blogger or cluster taps,
Well then how did I get a number of 14,342 hits in just one month if you are telling the truth. I ask you that. 

I do not believe you as these messages are going online and anything can happen. 

Also realise this, I am sure you do but one hit is NOT ONE PERSON. One hit is one IP address measured in statistical manner which can represent anything from one computer to a whole class room of computers and it could be any number, but let me tell you this is not small



NB: there us 13, 781 hits in the latest statistics pack which comes from google Stats off my blog and thy are accurate, this was only in 3 weeks I got this number 13,781. If no one is listening to me, how come the statistics are this high. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
5.36 Friday August 19th 2016

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