Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I have one major enemy that I will fight over my views on same sex Marriage:and that is

These people are very evil. All that they stand for is  against my principles and the principles of more than 95% of Australians. Even a large number of people frm their own communities have no real idea who these people realy are. Less than 5% of Australians even know that they exist let alone know how much power and wielding influence they have on Government policies. 

If people knew they would take horror so it in the best interest to their pwn objectives to have people like me marginalised and be seen as a wacko who is possessed to keep the truth from coming out. 

I do not realy blame that Gary who took me to court on all my past cases Burns vs Sunol or the One before him  Henry (Collier vs Sunol)  as they are only acting as front men or fall Guys for THIS

I am going to change this but and I will take THIS on myself in full and expose it to the public what it realy is.

A lobby group that is very evil with no ethics, and a open threat to  all innocent decent people in Australia and anywhere it is in the world. THIs Group would have all churches from any religion forced to accept same sex marriage or  closed  down, that is there end game that they have as part pf their long term goals.

This will not happen, This group must be exposed and I start today with this as my first post concerning this matter.

I will travel all over the place promoting a clean society with No to Gay marriage and label THIS as the group and  its cohorts or affiliates as the main groups we must speak against. 

I want this to go everywhere all over the world and to all corners that this what we must come against concerning same sex marriage and other evil groups of the same nature and we must oppose THIS completely without any conciliation as all members of this are very evil Satanic and will destroy the whole nation.

Written By John Christopher Sunol 
11.39 Wednesday August 17th 2016


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