Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I have started on the Diploma of lradership and managment

With Accerated Careers - (Careers Australia)

I find this rather simple for me as it is a qhole lot of Benavioral Psychology which I have done in the past. The main thing that I want is a job for this and I beleive it is leading me into a leadership and management role in a business. I like the  food business, I rather feel comfortable with a coffee shop or a food business where I can interact with customers  and publlic, 

Beaides that transport like I use to have in the taxi,

NB: I will have no problem completing this study online, I have everything at my fingertips but the only problem is to find the time ro complete it, (online)

Written by John Christopher Sunol
15.50 Thursday August 4th 2016

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