Monday, 1 August 2016

I support Kevin Rudd being United nations security General

this is one area I do not agree with Malcombe Turnbull over. I think that Kevin Rudd would make an excellent United Nations secretary general but I take this reasons as Politics. 

Kevin Rudd and Malcombe Turnbull are on opposing parties in Politics, but Mr Rudd is an ex prime Minister, speaks other languages outside English (Chinese) and as far as I can see from media Mr Rudd is missing out on an excellent opportunity. Other leaders like Bob Brown from the Greens went into the United nations and Bob Brown I would not give time of day for as he is a radical feminist who is a homosexual activist so why can not Mr Rudd.

Mr Rudd is  highly intelligent man who from what I see from the Media on him, he would fullfill and excellent rolw of United Nations secratary General. 

NB: My comments, Politics can beco,e a xirty game, it is dog eat dog and I feel that Kevin Rudd is very qualified for this position of United Nations Secretary General : He has lost out due to Politics
Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.13 on Tuesday August 2nd 2016

My comments

I beleive Kevin Rudd  was right to stand for the United Nations secetary General, only politics got in the way, 

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