Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I CAN NOT EVER accept same marriage equality (same sex marriage) and I refuse to Apologize over this decision of mine

This I  am definite about. The reasoning for this is that I do not see marriage equality as a human rights issue, this issue of  marriage equality (same sex marriage)  comes from under a Cultural Marxist line of thought  (the main deonimat theoretical view of Philosophical  thinking that has replaced Radical Femenist or womans rights) and I completely oppose this.  I intend to  fight this line of thinking and the people  that adhere to this line of thought. I fight this line of Philosphical thought with the Ultimate goal of giving   the rights to reject marriage equality (the technical and academic name from a social equality or "Cultural Marxist" perspective of Gay Marriage "Same sex marriage" ). Marriage equality is stupid, wrong and nothing to so with human love, It is all Politics and political propaganda  stunt to sway people to left wing radical Feminist/ cultural  Marxist line of thinking. Their Ultimate Goal is to use propaganda "similar to what Joseph Goebbels did for Adolf Hitler in the mid 1930'to sway the German People into accepting FASCISM/NAZISM which heralded in world war 2. 

I feel the Federal Government is very wrong even wasting their time in even discussing such in Politics when they have far more important issues on the agenda to discuss (Defense, taxation, immigration and other such far more important and worthy issues "rather than waste their time on such trivial issues as same sex marriage")

For me To Apologize it would just be a waste of time effort and money

For two reasons which are

  1. I am not sorry as I do not even recognize what I have done wrong 
  2. It would be counter productive as my  enemies "or those that complained about me" would use this to their advantage in future accusations as I am not going to change, and I do not expect them to either.
I just will not give in no matter what happens as I see myself on the Moral high ground 
In this fight.

Please note:  This is urgent The federal Opposition and thr Greens with key independents in the new Australian Senate abd house of Representatives are going to RAILROAD THOUGH Marriage equality and we will have THIS FORCED UPON ALL whether we like it or not, I will put this, same sex marriage is POLITICS and nothing to do with love or human rights under marriage equality.

Talk about democracy and peoples right, this legislation on same sex marriage by the Greens, some independents and the Federal Opposition is denying all the right to reject same sex marriage. If we must have same sex marriage then we must have a plebicite (referendum) on this to give people the rights to speak out against Marriage equality.

NB:  Those that complained about me and took me to the Courts and Tribunals I am not going to apologize to as any apology would not be genuine. Also I am bankrupt, can not pay and WILL NOT SELL MY HOME (WHICH IS I  A TRUST FUND TO PROTECT IT FROM SITUATIONS LIKE THIS) to pay as I am not willing to take responsibility, it is all a set up. 

I have nothing else to say ???

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.01 Wednesday August 31st 2016

Any court Apology is not genuine

A forced Court Apology is a waste of time

Cultural Marxism - Homosexual rights
Is = wrongs / not rights

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