Saturday, 6 August 2016

I will take the Anti same sex marriage to the world, - the Avergage family people, and not the homosexual activist

I have decided to go on an all out campaign which will be anti same sex marriage, this will be done online via social media and targeted towards the average person. 

The homosexual lobby (or the gay rights groups) give false statistics, If we done a Plebiscite right accross the whole of Australia - or giving a fare sample in all demographic situation l and places of a equal  group of populations you would find that the statistics are fudged and very wrong over the majority of people who agree with same sex marriage, I intend to take this to the people and I will do this online via social media. 

I have a couple of personal reasons 

1. In the past I had all the training in the right areas to know how to do this
2. Through my past cases and troubles against the homosexual lobby and its cohorts I have the desire to do this. 
3. I wish to take this to the average person - not the homosexual activist  (as the homosexual activist should be shunned by all and rejected due to their agenda to bring a totalitarian agenda to force same sex marriage and complete social change to the whole world. They are from both the
Cultural Marxist / Radical Feminist in Philosophy, pushing for social change) - I was even denied for work due to those homosexual activists - now it is time that the truth of same sex marriage and truth of these issues got out to the average person (world wide) and this is to raise people up to fight the homosexual lobby in introducing this unwanted and unneeded wickedness and stupidity to the world, same sex marriage and gay rights. - note all - the target audience in this campaign is the average person world wide, (not the homosexual activist or those already converted to the cultural Marxist Philosophy that they come from)
4. This fight will be done online via social media and the discerning of the truth, both online and off line "where possible" 
5. I have all the equipment needed, the resources needed to encounter on this campaign and most of all the desire to succeed and spread this anti - same sex marriage / anti - homosexual rights message to all the wold from my own personal home in the office I have set up right now with all the equipment needed. 

Note: I own my own home, with no rent and not much in expenses, the time to do this and an office with my own personal computers PC and Tablet for at home and away from home, the ability and most of all THE DESIRE TO DO THIS. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.39 Sunday August 7th 2016

My comments

Same sex marriage is a curse from Satan before God

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