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Saturday, 13 August 2016

I am out to protect people from same sex marriage and political correct language. To retain the rights to speak against these.

This speech is in reality a Cultural Marxist  viewpoint and is  a curse from the pits of hell  plus a blight upon the church and the people as a whole. It comes  from a Cultural Marxist line of thought on Political correctness which eill lead int a left wing draconian state holds fast to this like that of Nazi Germany under Hitler (1933-1945) and Stalinist Russia (1917-1990 WITH THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL)

Please note all, Hitlers Germany was NOT right wing extreme, it was a left wing Cultural Marxist state which was named the National Socialist workers Party in Government in 1919/1920 National social workers Party was Adolf Hitlers party before it was changed to the Nazi Fascist state of a one Government totalitarian system after 1933 when Adolf Hitler Won office and got into power. 

Joseph Stalin formed the Russian socialist State with Vladimir Lenin after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. 

Both of  these totalitarian states are the for runner of what is known today as Cultural Marxism which has taken over in the 21st century from the prior predominate run philosophy more commonly known as  radical feminism lobbying for woman's rights - now it is homosexual rights under Cultural Marxism that woman have got the rights they were lobbying for. 

Agenda 2030 is going to be the end mark of these philosophies for a one world government which started as far back as 1788 in the French Revolution under Neapolitan Bonaparte (50 years prior to Carl Marx as that is the foundation of Carl Marx Philosophies "Marx and Engels 1848 Communist Manifesto"

There is no freedom and all the marks of a totalitarian State.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.23 Sunday August 14th 2016

My comments

Pauline Hanson is the voice of the people and I trust her to speak against Cultural Marxist and Political correct "Bullshit" I will as well and so will others like the Christian democratic Party Fred Nile Group, speak against the advent of the Cultural Marxist Politically correct language and Equal rights garbage (Philosophy).

I would  trust one nation and Pauline Hanson and people like Fred Nile who I support far above people like the "Greens" (who in reality  are all bullshit artists and hold beliefs in issues that belong to fantasy land with no reality in them from the real world)

Same sex Marriage by Kris

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