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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Judge Roy Moore will remain legaly suspended for rejecting same sex marriage

Judge Rules Roy Moore Will Remain Suspended for Illegally Fighting Gay Marriage

this prooves beyond reasonable doubt the homosexual lobby is very dictatorial and not democratic, This judge was picked on because he rejected same sex marriage. I am also another case that rejects same sex marriage and lost my taxi authority due to this. These thugs that took me to court based on lies set me up and which I can never take responsibility for.

the same with this judge, he lost his job because of his beliefs - to me this proves that the homosexual rights groups (Gay and lesbian Lobby) "which have chapters on a global scheme" are very oppressive and will take people out of places of power if we do not agree with them. They take away our rights to reject same sex marriage and sin, we must fight this group all the way. We must oppose this group  and all affiliated groups in all places. I will never change as I know that these groups are very evil as they do not give rights, they take away your rights, our rights to speak against issues like same sex marriage and homosexual human rights, We must rise up and fight this group and their members back and never give in. 

I believe this judge was set up because of his views so thr Gay and lesbian rights groups could set case law for others to adhere to. Under  his role as a judge under the homosexual agenda that is appearing on the scene clash, it would be said conflict of interest in this case but it is we are quickly loosing our rights to oppose evil groups like this.  I do not say conflict of interest as it is a judges job to lock up anyone who is brought before them and in violation of the law and he can dismiss himself if he finds that a certain case is a conflict of interest. This is not giving that choice, it is the Homosexual lobby dictating their agenda. 

This dictatorship is travelling around the whole world as one instance has also just happened, same sex couples now can adopt children in "Queensland" and this is heading towards same sex marriage, This is very evil and is going to go world wide. This judge in the United states is just a victim of the present day Cultural Marxist philosophical agenda

This what has happened in Queensland is the down hills start of this wicked legislation in Australia, - this is going world wide.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.20 on Saturday August 6th 2016

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