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Monday, 15 August 2016

Kiwi Farms is only an attack upon me by those who hate me and are my enemies

This is only attacks upon me, I hace over 1,300 you tubes online made up over the years. Most I am very happy with but there was some I made in haste and took down. The clowns who are attacking me saw these you tubes I now regrett making but it was to late after I had it put online, theywere stalking me and copie  them to attack me with. Once a You tube is copied you have no control of it. During the time the You Tube I got very agressive with thise attacking me and made up this you tube to attack zgeek with,was back in 2006-2008 I was under attack by those thugs on Zgeek who even had their leader at the time Tony B (Tony Briscani) go to court and wittness lies against me in 2005 with Henry Collier tom set me up. 

I was not happy during this time so I understandingly lashed out at them on YouTube a fatal mistake as those that I was attacking took this video before I deleted it (which was within 24 hours of putting it up) and used this against me. I can do nothing about this now it was made up in 2008 and others got the material and used it against me.

I take no responsibility for this and I will use it to show how people are attacking me online using the world wide web. 

This all started with Zgeek and is still online being used against me by THiS and those that back and support THIS with The homosexual lobby and its cronies

Those from Zgeek and Now This are only 'SHIT STIRRER AND TROUBLE MAKERS' ONLINE out to tell lies and create trouble but THIS and all other groups affiliated with THIS are very evil and oppressive those attacking me in court whome are behind the Gary who takes me to court

So when you see all the attacks online know this, it is an online campaign to take me out through deceitfully telling lies in the Newcat courts, antimdiscrimination board and by the use of civil law

Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 18.47 on Monday August 15th 2016

My Comments 

Type my name into google or any search engine and you will see the amount of times I  have had unjust attacks upon me. 

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