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Monday, 22 August 2016

North Korea throws more threats at South Korea and the United States

North Korea is  constantly getting these threats but it always calms down. One day it is not going to calm down and this will be a further role to world war three getting off the ground, coupled up with China over the Philippines this could become quite serious. This would start off as a little scrap and blow out of control much similar to world war one which started on
 June 28 1914 when it started over an archduke being assassinated in Serbia and quickly erupted into the whole of Europe and North Africa flaming into war which was to become world war one, or then known as the great war. 

China is the largest country in the world in population with over 1.411 billion people seconded  by India (1.300 billion)  and China is quite wealthy with high tech weapons. North Korea is only a small country (25,300,716)  but very aggressive and a complete totalitarian state. Its leader Kim Jon Ung is a hard line leader who demands worship of him and the whole country of North Korea is paralyzed by total fear which makes it a very dangerous country. 

Also Kim Jon Ung has a very harsh regime which demands complete obedience of the full 25,300,716 in his country which makes it military powerful as the whole country is taught how to fight and under pressure to obey Kim as their worship-able God and leader to the very death. 

War china the phillipines  and war North Korea/ South Korea - United States - Japan  is what could be the start of this eruption and could blow into something very nasty.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
16.04 Tuesday 23rd 2016

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