Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Past attacks on me by homosexual activists: even state that I want to Kill all homosexuals.

These past attacks are all false and attacks on me by political activists who want to set case law by the use of skulduggery and lies. 

1. The first attack on me wanting to kill all homosexuals is completely nonsense and futile rubbish. This is what I have had to put up with, designed and put out by a homosexual activists as a political attack on me to put me down and dis-endorse what I state and put online. This is nothing but sheer blatant hatred to me using false evidence concocted and made up to expel lies. 

Fred Phelps of Westbo Baptist church in Topeka United States was a very well known out spoken minister and activist who had a great dislike to the homosexual community due to both his religious teachings and also a personal grievance. I blame the homosexual lobby or activist for this, I do not blame the Westbo Baptist church. I am not in agree-ance with the ways that Westbo Baptist church act in public under any circumstance as I am Pentecostal and they hate the Pentecostals as another pet Hate, but I see the homosexual activist (not all homosexuals and only a small minority of a minority group - less that 10|% of the homosexual groups which only represent around 5% of the average person) But in small numbers which are outspoken, they have the power to over a whole nation of people who are apathetic by nature and completely ignorant of the real issues within the groups that they live in. 

What I want to say is for the homosexual lobby to state that I want to 

"Kill all homosexuals"  and I loose my taxi authority over these lies. I am deemed a not fit and propet person to drive a public vechile due to this (combined with other attacks)

is very extreme and needs to be exposed to show what the people who attack me  are. Homosexual activists and rights campaigners who in reality are unethical trouble makers who use the telling of lies to gain their political ends. 

This makes me angry that people in places of power can leave this rubbish on for some many years, (2013) when now it should be taken down and the man who put this online taken to account for his actions by the courts and the general public. - in 2013 the same man who said that I want to kill all homosexuals  also said in a court of law that he had Psychiatric disorders where he was feeling victimised and traumatised at one stage and in a mental state which he accused me being the cause of this coming back as i would not leave him alone, This was a straight plain black premeditated lie where this man purgered  himself before the courts based on concocted lies. I never knew him before or new of him and this just did not or could not occur. 

I will leave this at that and wait and see the re-action of the people when they view this that I have to show

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.47 Wednesday August 3rd 2016

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