Monday, 15 August 2016

Pauline Hanson is the voice of the People, the Greens are only the voice of a radical few,

I am personally with the Christian Democratic Party and groups like this, but I personalty see that Pauline Hansons one nation party got 4 senators in the new parliament as she is the voice of the people. The people are in frustration because of the stupid legislation and issues like same sex marriage, by a vocal few - they come under the shadow of the Green Party and groups like THIS. 

I openly and fully oppose these groups as the trouble makes that backed up the Henry and Gary that took me to court and put me through the mill. I come out fighting and am not going to change because they want me to. 

I support groups like Pauline Hanson if she is backing some of the same issues as the Christian Democratic party. She is the voice of the majority of Australians and this has been proven in the last election. She got 4 senators in and I hope and pray she with her senators can get the government to overlook stupid issues like that of same sex marriage and concentrate on the more relevant and urgent legislation. Our Federal government has a duty to the Australian people on issues like Defense, national security, international treaties and other such and stupid issues like same sex marriage can go on the back burner if not taken completely off the agenda. 

This lobby is the curse of Australia as it is bringing up issues that are not of relevance and they waste the time of the Federal government over issues like same sex marriage and homosexual right and we as a people need to rise up against this, and other left wing Cultural Marxist/Radical Feminist Political agenda and expose them for what they are, a bunch of fairies who live in their day dreams looking at issues that do not effect the community at all. 

I see it time that all Australians with any decency about them rise up against this lobby and vote them out of power and speak against these issues or they will be like a cancer and grow into Australian culture and destroy all. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

Cultural Marxism is the curse of the 21st century

15.58 on Tuesday 16th August 2016

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