Monday, 8 August 2016

Do we need state control over our bodies ???

Should there be an Age Limit on being allowed to have a child, ??? Question by ABC television
Should there be an Age limit on having a Child ??? - we do not need any more of a Nany State

This is a question put on ABC 24 news station, My answer to this is NO. 

The state has no right to tell anyone who can and can not have a child, that is up to God and His providence. I am dead against control in such a way as this is leaning towards Cultural Marxist which I believe the Anti Christ will be as the Anti Christ will dictate what everyone can do and can not do. 

This is a Nany state once the Government starts to regulate on who can and who can not bring child birth. We need to have our own independence and identity, not social controlled by the state. 

Adolf Hitler, Heidiki Tojo, Joseph Stalin and Moa Si Tung were very famous people in the 20th century that brought about a Nany state in the 20th Century. Look at what happened to these historical figures and where they led their countries, 

Yes the state does have the right to make decisions and some forms of controls, but as far as I am concerned this should only go as far as government control over factors on the criminal code and issues to do with government business, 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
6.19 on Tuesday August 9th 2016

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Do we need state control over our bodies ???

Do we need control over our bodies ???

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