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Friday, 12 August 2016

Some hackers got into my accounts and took my passwords

John christopher Sunol

Some hackers got into my accounts and stole passwords. I changed passwords can not get my you tubes back on,line just yet, but they will wait. 

Imtell thise hackers, if you want war you got it mate, let us being it on all out online flame war. You bunch are not going to stop me. No matter how much you lot want.

People do not like my views on same sex marriage, well my views can not and will not changed and I am going to write this whether the hackers like it or not. If you want an all out online flame war, then be my guest and lets get on with it. 

I tell those hackers, you can not and will not stop me drom going online as that is my dutymundwr God doe rhe whole world. To tell the truth on same sex marriage, I act as a phrophet from God in this modern day arena.

Yours John Sunol

WRITTEN BY John Christopher Sunol
23.19 (Friday August 12th 2016)

Cultural Marxism is a Sham and it is prople from this philosophynthat is attacking me all of the rime, as they beleive in same sex marriage and other related issues which I oppose sternly

These same hackers also got into my You Tube account and I can not upload qny more Yoi Tubes at present (but I will fix that up, and  anyway I have over 1,200 you tubes online anyway and for the meantime I can use them)n

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