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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sparkles the Pony, This represents what the truth is, boy lover of Child Pedophelia in among same sex marriage and the LGBDT communities

This might look like innocent fun, let me tell you it is no innocent fun, it is child paedophilia which is rampart among the LGBDT community, 

Whilst other groups also have this curse among them (Heterosexual groups) it is not the culture of these hetrosexual groups (and individuala) and those caught out normally find their way to a prison cell, or under watch (heavy Police and Parole officer survielance) by the authorities, - as in the Catholic church and other such organisations.


in the LGBT groups this is very real withnsexuality inmall the adverse forms it has being part of their culture. This is the sick games they play (sparkles the Pony) which is part of the reason  why the whole world MUST come against same sex marriage. This is leaving an opening for child paedophiles to take their place in society and play these sick and totaly depraved games with little children. 

I will let you read this article and make your own decision. 

That is why I am the happy little homophobic living in my joy and willing to encourage others to take on the virtues of homophobia as well. This is my end Goal

Homophobia as homophobia is a great thing to be, it is not a bad thing like some groups involved with this would say. 

Please note: as a conclusion it is a great thing to be called homophobic, unlike the media and homosexual lobbies would have you believe: we need to fight for the right to debate same sex marriage in a plebiscite as same sex marriage and child paedophilia go together and this only proves that more so. 

To finish off this off my main toal in life now on is to nefer accept this evil  in my mind, body or woul wnd I will encourage others to do so as well, same sex marriage is part of the steategies of the Illuminati and their Co-Horts in bring the world to a one world homoaexuwl and femenist left wing / Cultiral Marxist totalitarian didtatorship based on sexuality which is looking to make homphobia a criminal offence worthy of indefinate prison. 

I see this as an enemy to the whole world.  

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.21 on Thursday August 4th 2016

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