Friday, 12 August 2016

Story on Islamic State where it comes from and w4hy it is so powerful :FROM BBC

The story on the formation of Islamic State

This is the story of wher Islamic State  comes from and why it is such a formadble enemy to the whole world.

I do not beleive it is going to be an easy job to rid the world of this curse.
We need to do a diligent fight untill Islamic Statemiz erradicated from the earth knosing that we are on the side of God and Islamic state is only backed in the xpiritual site by a ragimg Demon more commonly known as Allah and his pedofile chikd molesting false phrophet  the Prophet Muhummad. 

With the use of The Phrophet Muhummads book of Fairy tales more commonly known as the Koran: The Koran id used by thos who worship this war Lord in a similar fasion Adult Hitler used the Mein Kampf from 1933-1945 (end of world war 2) - Please note this I am not from the Islamic faith, never have been and this is my understnanding of the Koran and the Phrophet Muhummad, I do not want to offend any Islamic person who reads this blog as that is not what I mean. Islamic state impounds this beleif as that group is radical it makes me think like that. 

Written by John  Christopher Sunol
14.50 Saturday August 13th 2016

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Islamic state committs attrocities

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