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Monday, 29 August 2016

The Anti Christ more than likely will be Bi-sexual and force Gay rights under Cultural Maexism

I believe that the Anti Christ will be similar in Nature to His proto type in History Antiochus Epiphany the Selucid Empiror- Antioch-us was bi sexual and committed the Abomination of the desolation who had sex orgies in the Jewish temple, and persecuted the Maccabees. Daniel spoke of this man as being a proto type of  the little horn in Daniel chapter 9. The Prophet Daniel lived some 300 years earlier than Antioch us who reigned from 175bc to his death in Iran in 164BC.

This is a forerunner of what the Anti Christ will be (or better a proto type)

The world is in a mess, with Islamic fundamentalism, the ongoing problems of terrorism, the world is looking and waiting for a savior. Like the rise of Antioch-us Epiphany he will promise to bring peace and come as a savior to the world.


This will be a big deception he will bring terror unlike any other in the history of man. I believe he will be a Cultural Marxist and bring in with him a totalitarian system unlike  man has ever seen before, He will revel i homosexual marriage over the traditional nuclear marriage and eventually force all to worship him with the worship of sexuality, homosexuality and child pedophilia which the two go hand in hand. Pedophiles and homosexuals will run a much in the times of the Anti Christ (Gay Marriage)

This is what Antioch's Epiphany  (the forerunner and prototype of Anti Christ to come as prophesied by the Prophet Daniel)
Also the Ancient Roman emperors had  some similar attributes and I  believe so will the Anti Christ. With the issues of same sex marriage on the cards (next Pedophiles and boy lovers like in ancient Greece will also want recognition and  legislation.)

Times are in a major change and if same sex  marriage is legislated next we will get similar if not worst than the ancient times.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
17.35 Monday August 29th 2016

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