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Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Greens do not want a plebicite on same sex Marriage they want to force this upon all Australians

We all need to reject the Greens at the Polling booth. Their leader Richard De Natalie and official policy is pushing for same sea marriage, thus we must all get up and speak against this evil.

READ THIS LINK AND ALL THAT COMES from it and you will see that I have taken this from mainline media. This official green policy to support same sex marriage and Richard De Natalie in a speech like this on ABC points this out. 

I openly and publicaly state that we do not need same sex marriage and if this can not be the way, it is to be legislated due to a very minority of loud mouths (less than 5% od the population), then before same sex marriage is leiglated we all need to have our own right to reject it and put an anti Gay Marriage stance forward. The Australian Green Party want to deny us our rights to reject this policy looking to force same sex marriage upon all, regardless of their real beleifs, thus deny us the right to oppose same sex marriage (Gay Marriage). While we have this right we must never vote or support Green as a vote for Green is are against our freedoms and rights to free speech. Freedom to reject and oppose Gay Marriage. (same sex Marriage)

We need to restore the right to be called a homophobe and reject this evil coming upon us and I call on every good citizen of Australia and on the larger scal to get up and speek out against Green parties, Socialists and same sex marriage supports every where to let them know that they have a vocal opposition. 

NB: The Greens are taking away our rights to reject same sex marriage, we must retain these rights, we all have a right to reject the homosexual lifestyle.

If you like me reject same sex marriage and want the human right to voice an anti same sex marriage, then you can write a comment to this blog post, write to the greens your disgust with the Green leaders public statement on same sex marriage. Then youe opposition to the Green policy of rejecting the plebicite (or referendem) and voice your opposition  to their policy on same sex marriage. Show the Greenrhypocracy on the freedom of speech to be able to be Anti homosexual and thee right to reject same sex marriage. Show these trouble makers that not everyone beleives their lies.

Also that you are willing to spread this message everywhere for the rights of all humanity. 

The Greens are pushing for a state control over what should be personal, a homosexual dictatorship and we must realize this (if same sex marriage is to be legislated due to the power of the minority "less than 2-5% of the poluatiin who are very vocal) then we must fight for the right to reject it and a Plebisite is second best, at least in the Plebiscite people can have a say which is real democracy. We must not let the Greens or These groups take control and dictate to us equal rights, for all (which in reality is not equality but a homosexual totalitarian dictatorship we are heading for). 

If we get Same sex Marriage we are fiving those discusting child Pedofiles a liscence to rape children in the bame of equality within Marriage (especially gay dads)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
16.01 Friday August 26th 2016

My comments 

Politician speaking on same sex marriage - We need for every person on earth to reject this

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