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Sunday, 14 August 2016

this is some of the lies that I have been set up with, "i am not guilty of this, liars told lies to the courts and purge-red themselves"

These are lies, I never vilified and will never accept false. I was set up and framed by Lies told by those who took me to court to set Political precedents. 

This certain event happened back in 2011/12 some 4-5 years ago and I never accepted guilt n this and neither will I. It was all fraud set up by those internet thugs who want to lobby for same sex marriage and other such issues. My mind has not changed at all since this came out and neither will it. 

Homosexuality is sin, one of many sins and all sinful actions are rebellion against God. No matter what it is, small or big sin is sin and doing your own thing to defy the loving God that has created us all. 

Same sex marriage goes one step further, it is to make sin lawful and to tell lies in a court of law to unjustly and corruptly get a person like myself in this case above classified a villi-fer and a gay hater. I will not accept this now or ever will and if I have not accepted it in the last 4-5 years I never will. I put it down as an attack of the devil and those who took me to court are not only liars, they are acting wicked in the eyes of God and I have all the rights to speak against it. 

Same sex marriage is to make a sinful act an legal and just act and into a marriage, All marriage for one man to one woman, above the age of consent and not related to one another by genetic codes is lawful and legal in Gods site. It is when the two have sex or do what marriage is made for, they Holy Spirit comes between the two and the act of sex is both bodily, soul and spiritual. 

When a person acts outside marriage in sex that is sinful and until they get married in Gods way ONLY one man to one woman not of the same genetic code they are lving in sin but God can forgive them and expects them to be married. 

When you get marriage between two of the same sex, or from a way that is not of God, Brother sister, Mother Son, Father daughter, cousins up to 2nd cousin then that is sinfulness turned into wickedness and there still is a spiritual force between the sex act but that is not of God, demons enter the two. 

As with same sex marriage a sexual act between two of the same sex Male - Male / Female - Female then that is evil in Gods site and when they sinfulness turns into a Holy Matrimony before God, that is wickedness in Gods site and His wrath will come down on the two. In the book of Ezekiel 33:6; - vs 9  the righteous shall have ever lasting life but the wicked shall perish under Gods wrath. Ezekiel was Israels watchman what the Holy Spirit does today where He uses people like me and others to spell out what is sin. 

Same sex marriage like all other marriage has spiritual consequences but unlike Marriage between one male and one female of age of consent and not married to another (and not of the same bloodline) the spiritual forces are NOT OF GOD so deceasing demons come down from the pits of Hell to enter into this marriage and tell lies. The two acting in this wickedness still have a spiritual contact, but this spiritual contract is NOT from God.

There is only two places that a spirit can come from.

1. From God and His Angels who will have nothing to do with sin or a sinful act thus when they are not present we get the other sources of the spirits.

2. Demonic forces from the hordes of demons from Satan. Thus a man who has sex with another man and a woman with another woman are deceived and deluded in thinking this is love and it is realy a alternative spiritual act and lying spirit which is a demon that is oppressing them. 

When they get married and consecrate their wickedness before God, it is NOT OF GOD but a devilish sources and they are going from oppressed further down the ladder into the depths of Hell which it is Satanic and they are oppressed by evil. 

Thus for me to be taken to court for telling the truth there is NO TRUTH WHAT SO EVER IN THIS CASE AGAINST ME AND I JUST CAN NOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS. 

I am a child of God under His protection and this is one of Satan's attacks upon me by those who are oppressed and possessed by demonic forces. 

Thus I can never accept this and never will 

This is my final statement over this whole issue and it can not change, thus I refuse to apologize for what I know to be the truth. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
12.28 on Monday August 15th 2016

My comments

I believe it is not only a right but a command for every last person on this earth to openly reject same sex marriage as it is  - (Jesus does not condemn no, that is right but Jesus informs us of the consequences of sin and wickedness before God. Jesus died on the cross for our sinful ways and shed His blood, for us to spit in Jesus face and living in wickedness before God ha its own consequences and that is what Same sex marriage has and is doing.) 

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