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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Uslamic state boil 6 people in tar in Iraq accusing them of being spies

this is horrific, this is just as bad if not worst than the WW2 Japanese and Nazi Germans. We have no choice but to go all out war on Islamic state and bring every person involved in such into custody, then put them before war crimes trials and get the punishment that the international court dishes out to such activity. 

This happened during world war 2 and this could even be worst. We are now at all out war and any person found supporting or backing Islamic state needs to be taken into custody straight away and put before the courts - then frogs marched off to an internment camp and i feel in that places like the centre of Australian deserts could be just right for them under Military Guard - or even better shuffled down to Antarctica into international prison camps looked after by Military trained prison officers. 

To me this needs to be dealt with harsh, with no tolerance and to make every last person involved in this kind of activity made to be accountable for their horrific war crimes.

They had the Neurenburg war crime trials for less than this at the end of world war 2 and this going on today deserves the same, this is a war we must carry out until every last member of Isis is caught and put in front of the courts. 

In light of this horror, we are at all our full scale war with Islamic state, we need to declare a state of war and that means anyone found to be aligned to this group need to be captured by the Police or the Military, put in front of the courts and frog marched into prisoner of war camps in places as designated by the authorities, under Military and Civilian Jailer guard and that is where they stay indefinitely until Islamic state is completely annihilated (outright defeat). This is like world war 2 with the Japanese and Nazis if not worst and this needs to be treated as such.  

this is world war 3 and it must be carried out as we must not have peace with Islamic state, every last person in this organisation needs to be made accountable for this before the courts. This is war crimes

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.29 on Tuesday August 16 2016

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