Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Vietnam war memorials

I can see from both sides of this argument on why this was done. The Vietnamese authorities have but still allowed private and small veterans go to this war grave. It is much similar to the Anzac Day commemorations in Turkey. 

This is happening due to the present day world social and cultural situations in the world economy. Lets us hope that this can return and the veterans can go there again for the same remembrance ceremonies as the veterans within a few years will be getting old. 

This famous battle of Long Tan was in 1966 and the youngest soldier during this time was only 18/19 which would make them at the youngest 68 years of age. This is getting older and within the next 10-15 years time, most of the soldiers that returned from this battle will be passed away from old age a they will be around 80-85. So we do not have a lot of time left and I think for Vietnam to allow them to go back it would be good and this was a little disappointing. 


the Vietnamese government was out enemy during this time and I can see why they are hesitant and we need to weigh up the two arguments. I can see this is sensitivities to the current Vietnamese government due to the Australian forces going to go and remember a battle which many of Vietnamese were killed in back in 1966. 

I myself was only 9 years of age during this infamous battle and to young to fight. I joined the Royal Australian  Navy at the age of 16 in 1973  but by that time Vietnam had finished for the Australian. I still met vets from this in the Navy  as I spent 2 years on the Australian Aircraft carrier from 1975 - 1977. (HMAS Melbourne 11)
Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.50 on Thursday August 18th 2016

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