Saturday, 6 August 2016

war in Syria rages on in its fullness

This war in Syria has been raging since the riots in 2011. Aleppo is practically destroyed and it is going to take years for Syria to get back to its once greatness as it has been for thousands of years. 

I blame this due to Islamic radicals and ideological religious fundamental fanatics. The whole world is at war with these people and I think this war is going to spread. If it joins in with the Philippines and China or the wars going on today join, this is going to be disaster for the whole world, 

I see it to the best for the whole world if the whole world moves into Syria and brings this fighting to an end and to do that we need to go all out at Daesh (Islamic state) and others of the same end goals. 

I feel this is going to see the rise of what people call the anti Christ and then it will not get better but only worst, the next place on the firing line is Israel so we need to watch this and take note. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.23 Saturday August 6th 2016

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