Thursday, 11 August 2016

We must fight for the right to remain homopobic

I strive for this right in my life, I see to be a homopobe is a virtue in life, and a good think. To be a homophobe you are being faithful to go and rejecting sin, and keeping away from the evil of the cultural Marxist agenda.

So I only wish that one day all will become a homopobe as I am and I am proud of this.

I am the happy little homophobe living in my joy and want to encourage all others to become a homophobe like me and proud of that as well. 

I see homosexuality as an unnatural act, I see heterosexuality as the only ordained form of marriage, within a nuclear marriage, I also see same sex marriage as a sinful act that has turned into wickedness before God as it is sin legitimised by the law which is evil. I also see to be a homophobe a virtue in life, as homopobic behaviour is the rejection of the sinful act of homosexuality and the wickedness of samd sex marriage and I wish to see all human beings to be described a homophobe, by those who are pushing wickedness as this shows our faithful before God. I also see if Jesus was on earth today walking the earth as he was 2,000 years ago in flesh, he would be called the greatest homophobe of all by those who act like the religious leaders and pharisees of his day. 

So with all of this it is not a bad thing to be shunned by those who call you a homopobe, it is a joy in Christ as you have the faithfulness to reject sin and wickedness before God. To be a hompobe is to be natural and a well informed normal person who is living in the way we were created to live in. 

Pleas know this all, I am being attacked because of this statement, to those atracking me, if you want  an all out flame war, well then you got it and be my guest, 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
(14.11 Friday August 12th 2016) 

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