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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Went to watch a film on Cultural Marxism and how it is a designed take over of the world

Went to a woman's place with other CDP members (and other people) to watch this film. It was excellent showing people why it is critical that we must reject Cultural Marxism and their left wing equal rights. I intend to work directly against the socialist equal right agenda and I will use films like this for information regarding these theories. 

After seeing this film I have made it my duty and role to lobby for all to be able to speak out against and reject the Cultural Marxist thought of equal rights, especially looking at same sex marriage and homosexual rights. 

We are NOT all equal in society, God made us that way, we all have different gifts and roles within society (I would rather follow a Sociological way of the sociologist Emily Durkheim (or Talcott Parsons) in his role theory (where all people have different roles to play in society) than that of Carl Marx which is in reality a false leading that leads to totalitarianism. 

This shows me that I am dead right against the Gay and lesbian agenda.. I do not vilify just show people that we have the God given right to reject the left wing socialist agenda (known as Cultural Marxism) and speak against same sex marriage and I cherish this right. That is why I call myself the Happy little homphobe living in my joy. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
22.33 Thursday August 11th 2016

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