Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What will happen to churches and other religious organisation that reject same sex marriage if it is legislated.

The same-sex marriage debate and the right to religious belief

I find that the questions in this article are very real, I feel that is same sex marriage is legislation, it will not be long and any religion that will not accept it will have to pay tax and close their doors as they will be discriminating. This is evil and I will lobby online to show people the truth. 

This is a very hard argument and if it is legislated it may not be straight away but within a very short time all religions will be forced to accept homosexuals. That is the start of the homosexual agenda as that is what the cultural Marxism wants to happen. 

Let us wait and see but give a couple of years only, 2-5 years after same sex marriage is legislated laws will be made to force all to accept this. We must fight the gay lobby to the very last over this as this is taking away our freedoms to reject wickedness and this will bring a nation down. 

I believe we are loosing our freedoms, the freedom to reject same sex marriage based on religious beliefs and if same sex marriage is legislated, I say within 5 years which is not very long, the churches right to reject same sex marriage will be no more and we will have this thrust upon us by groups like THIS. 

I can see this as a forerunner to Agenda 2030 - environmental sustainability treaty under Cultural Marxism

NB: I can promise you that if this was legislated and the religious institutions got an exemption from marrying to homosexuals based on religious belief : this would not last long and it would be repealed as the Cultural Marxist Minority have one agenda upon us, to force same sex marriage and other such issues upon all in the name of equality - which is not equality but rather denomination and collectivism. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.51 Wednesday August 17th 2016

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