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Saturday, 3 September 2016

America in Phrophecy - Mystery Babylon - the heads of Agenda 21 -Fall of America before January 2017 in this video - watch this video (You Tube) it is very important for today

A very important video for all to watch. I listened to it and it makes biblical sense
I will wait and see as things unfold. 

I suggest for all to find time and watch this video, take note and follow the news events as this blog does. 

I am not of the people that produced this but I state that all should watch this as it does have a lot of very important information in it, I do not wish to push it but leave it on my blog for all to see if they wish to. 

I am a christian and I got to a Pentecostal/Evangelical bible teaching church which is not aligned to the people who made this out. I found it on the net but seeing the seriousness of the times as they are today, I feel it is important for all to watch and take into account what is said, as what is being said is very good and can be proven. 

There are a number of different end time interpretation of phrophetic writing from scripture and this is only but one of the interpretations. Insee it interesting and making some sense so I would like to promote this to the world off my blog so that all can view this and make their own judged decision.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
7.00 am Sunday August 4th 2016

My comments.

China and the United States over Spratley Islands one start of world war 3,

world war 3 in biblicaprophecy

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