Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Barry Smith end times and the coming of the New World Order (Ome world Governmemt)

I heard this man on the 26th April 1984 at the chrisitian family church (Assemblies off God) and all those years ago (some 32 years ago) I can see starting to happen whar he spoke on. A one world government under the coming new world order

So I AM going to link some of his 
Videos for all to watch. I suggest the world watch this and realize these we made over 10 - 15 years ago and just put this video into  today context of 2016

I feel that  the Beast of Revelations will be bi sexual and a Cultural Marxist  (member of the Gay and lesbian Rights lobby

I follow the teaching of Barry Smith when it comes to end times and I would like to spread this teaching of this great prophet as he is very right. 

Take note to His teachings on the leadership of the Illuminati concerning the  coming of the new world order and especially the role that the Masonic lodge and the Masons have in these coming events. 
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
22.46 Wednesday September 7th 2016


New world order update 2015

Barry Smith started around the mid 1980's 36 years ago and what he spoke on then is coming to pass in 2016 and forward. 

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