Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Big brother (leader of Agenda 2030) is a homosexual activist

Read thjs article I am linking to this blog, it is very correct. We can see this happening with Same-sex-marriage. This is happening all over the world and I can  see the Anti Christ (or  big brother) being bi sexual and a Cultural Marxist (homosexual activist) who is
 Bi-Sexual and part of the Gay Rights Movements. SAME-SEX MARRIAGE under the name (Marriage equality) will be forced upon the whole world in His Facist/communist/socialist type of philosophy the world is under. 

This was Predicted over 2,000 years ago when the Apostle John wrote the book of revelations an the Isle of Patmos. We can see this coming and the environmental sustainability treaty and its protocol Agenda 2030 which is being planned to eradicate poverty by the 10 years starting with 2030. 

If we watch around the world today we can see this arising right now.
Please all note: I AGREE WITH THE INTERPRETATIONS OF Barry Smith (the New Zealand evangelist and end time preacher) on the coming of the new world order and what we are presently going through on the bigger world picture of the 21st century He is being proven fairly accurate on what he taught on some of these issues, that is why I have posted some of his past talks on my blog so all can listen. 

Big brother couls rise out of the ashes of world war three when it heats up

21.54 Wednesday September 7th 2016

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John Hagee - the Anti Christ

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