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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Can a Christian follow Christ and accept Same-sex-marriage

This is a very controversial and deceptive question. Whilst some Christians mistakenly believe that God is all love and Jesus Christ died on the cross, they believe God loves the sinner so much that you can stay in your sin but still be right with Christ. I am afraid to say that is a lie from the pits of Hell. Yes Jesus did die for our sins, yes we are saved by His blood on the cross that He shed so that we might live for ever.
Christ did NOT die so we could stay living in sin and if we do we are committing wickedness before him. Christ loves us so much the at
The cross at Calvary He shed His blood that we might come OUT OF OUR sin and find life in His Grace. Ephesians 2:8-9 ; 1 John : 9-10

Homosexuality is sin before God and any christian who is living in sin is deceiving himself with a direct lie of Satan that he can be saved and still living in sin. Homosexuality is sin and same sex marriages goes one rung further. It is turning what is sin into Holy before God in the Matrimony area. Thus Same sex marriage is wickedness before God and any Christians who thinks or believes that they can both live in same sex marriage co-mitt wickedness before God and remain a Christian who is faithful to God, is surely deceived and believing the lie of the devil. 

Thus no christian can follow Christ and live a God filled life and at the same time be involved in same sex marriage. The two are at the same distance apart as light is from day.

To be a true born again believer John 3:16-17 you must

  1. Accept Christ death on the cross as forgiveness and His offer of a free gift of life
  2. Be willing to lay down your cross, give up your sins and follow him for the rest of your life and live His way going back on your past to accept a new life in  Him
  3. And you must give up your old life and take on a new life never to turn back. We must have faith (Hebrews Chapter 11)in Christ that we can live without sin and as homosexuality is sin thus same sex marriage is wickedness we are living in deception if way of  life as both a Christian and a homosexual in a same sex relationship. 
If we read the book Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan we find that  to accept salvation and be a Christian who is righteous in Gods site we must leave our baggage of sin at the foot  of the cross as Jesus shes His life and Gave his blood so that we might be free of sin. Homosexuality is sin and we must walk away from it to accept eternal life so we can note be an active  homosexual and also a Born again Christian. 

As for same sex marriage this goes further down the track of a sinful life and is wickedness before God. Wickedness draws Gods wrath at us  Mathew 25:46 and eternal separation from God under His wrath.

The bible has some very strong words to say about homosexuality and this is made up where Gods wrath will fall upon wickedness. I can assure you that. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.08 Tuesday September 13 2016

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All need the rights to speak against same sex marriage 

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