Friday, 30 September 2016

Christian School forced to Change its Policies dissaproving of homosexual Genital Acts

This  is coming, eventualy all schools whether faith based or not will be forced to teach about homosexuality as dictated under a Cultural Marxist philosophical agenda regardless of their beleif systems. Homosexuality is being forced uoon all and even the most weirdest and perverted forms of homosexual behavior will be forced onto all under the Safe schools program which is realy indoctrination of children under a Cultural Marxist philosophical political correctness thinking which is being forced upon the world today. 

Cultural Marxism and Political correctness are very anti church as Carl Marx saw the church as The Opiate of society - Political correctness and Cultural Marxism - Cultural Marxism and Political correctness is another aethist based anti religious set of beleifs on the rise in the form  of Political correctness and 
Homosexual rights in a push to do  away with family values and very anti religion except for state controlled religous activities under a collective Marxist Political correctness/  philosophical values. 

This is the path the whoke world is leading and same sex marriage is directed towards the main stay of humanity for the past 6,000 years, (the family Unit from the traditional family to an alternative family of almost anything that pleases the human sences. 

9.14 Saturday September 31st 2016

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